A clear leader in thermal imaging technology

Thermal imaging technology is our core business. From sensor front-end to display back-end, we develop and produce all our electronics and imaging systems in house. Instead of using thermal imaging cores, we rely on a fully integrated system that includes the sensor and display and combines controls, image processing and user interface in a complete system.

Optimum imaging and free configurability

Our thermal imaging cameras feature excellent imaging systems, developed in house. The image is constantly analysed in real time, and the image parameters are automatically updated, resulting in a natural, high-contrast image similar to a black and white image. It also ensures that no detail is lost due to overexposure or underexposure. All our thermal imaging cameras feature light, robust housings and are optimised for intuitive operation without manual adjustment. End customers also benefit from the free configurability of the menu navigation and system functions, such as false colours or customer-specific reticles.

Engineered to your specifications

With this know-how, we not only manufacture our own thermal imaging cameras, but can also develop individual thermal imaging solutions for our customers.

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