VECTED stands for comprehensive
development know-how

Specialising in thermal imaging technology and engineering services, we develop and produce thermal imaging cameras and electronic components. We offer our customers individual optoelectronic solutions.

Benefit from our long-standing experience and key products: high-quality thermal imaging cameras and electronic modules, such as system-on-modules and SOMs for micro-displays. We build on our knowledge and expertise to find the exact solution for your specific application in hunting, civil and governmental operations. We are capable of managing the entire development and production process, even in the armament sector.

Our service is a comprehensive package. VECTED has all steps of the process covered – from development, engineering, and electronic and software design, through to prototype manufacturing, qualification and final production. One outcome of this extensive process is our range of thermal imaging cameras, which are developed as an integrated, complete system. They stand out thanks to excellent imaging and the free configurability of their set-up and system functionality.

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